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29-03-2008 - 06:37

so, i have an imcompatible graphics card for the online game i want to play.

i slept a bit after getting back from the bar. now i've been up for a while watching "old" movies on tnt late night. just watched "boys" and now i'm watching "romey and michelle's high school reunion".

currently thirsty and hungry, but i don't want to pop out into the kitchen since beckie is sleeping on my fold out couch and i don't want to wake her up.

i was up early enough to give "the boy" a call and make sure he was awake. currently, he's at work.

trying to decide if i should take a nap now or not. think i'll just wait till beckie needs to get up, make sure she gets up. eat. drink. then take a nap.

" day, yes you will see...that i will always be the one who will make fried rice for you for all eternity..." -notorious msg



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