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30-03-2008 - 07:33

i need to figure out what i'm going to do with my living situation pretty quick here. if i'm going to move somewhere else, i only have a few days to let "them" know. i really do like living here. after a couple of years, i refer to it as home as opposed to my home town.

i'm in a strange place right now. i can't get a house right now because i need to stay where i'm at because no one else lives close to my grandfather. i'm single, but i like someone who likes me. i've been going to school forever since i can only take one class at a time for a 3 year programme if you're going full time.

one "problem" that i have right now is that i work midnights. the guy that i like will soon start working midnights as well...just the exact opposite nights of me. so, we will not be able to hang out during evening hours. one of us will always be getting out of work early in the morning and one of us will always have to go to work in the evening. he'd probably laugh if he knew i was really bothered by this. the funny thing is that i don't even know why it bothers me so much. yes i like him. but he's not a boyfriend. yes i want to see him quite a bit. but we've only been hanging out for a little while. currently, i can't say why i like him. nor can i say how much i like him. i do wonder a bit why he likes me and how much he likes me. never thought i'd have much interest in a guy who's really into sports and doesn't read the same type of books as me or watch the same movies or shows as me...

"i'm the next act. waiting in the wings. i'm an animal. trapped in your hot car. i am all the days that you choose to ignore..." -radiohead



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