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01-04-2008 - 09:11

so...what's a girl to do? the new takkun is much more fitting of the name. sadly, he's going far far away in the sense that we will always be working opposite nights with no days off the same in i believe a week. i've no claim to him. i like him. we hang out a lot. but that's it. i keep thinking i've got to stop putting myself into impossible situations, but i guess i'm still learning something or i'd have put an end to all of that already. i do have to say that i'm sad to see what will likely be an end to this interesting while.

why do i always post about pretty much nothing or guys and/or problems? well, i ramble quite well and sometimes with the other stuff, it's just easier to evaluate once it's all typed out. the brain makes me think to type it. then i process it while i type. then i can detatch and read it as if someone else posted it and maybe end up with a different conclusion.

what do i really want right now? i want to pass this class i'm taking. i want to get my paperwork completed so i can figure out what class i'm taking next semester. i want to travel. i want to travel with him. i think i might actually want a boyfriend as well. him, not him. i just kind of think that i'm turning up bored with the casual dating stuff.

i really don't like when i have no idea what to do about a lot of things right now. it's kind of funny. or maybe not. nothing can stand still for long...

"over where the rainbow meets the darkened sky. i pretended there was hope for you and i. now to late i guess the real world i find. you changed your mind, you changed your mind..." -chris isaak



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