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02-04-2008 - 08:33

so. yesterday was a sad sad day. after being rather upset, i was a bit afraid to sleep thinking that i'd not wake up in time for work. well, i was talking to "the boy" online and mentioned this. he actually offered to drive all the way out to my place for just a couple of hours to make sure that i woke up in time for work. sweetest thing anyone has done for me in quite some time. i told him that i'd like it if he came out not really thinking he would...but he did. and i got to work on time. all was well. partially because of this, i am in a great mood. doing much better.

oddly enough, original takkun phoned yesterday. i hadn't heard from him in months.

right now my neck hurts. hands and feet are cold even though the heat's up in my apartment and i'm under two toasty blankets. really cold right now. eyes hurt as well.

so. i'm wondering...what am i going to do with all of the free time i'll have now that i won't be able to hang out with "the boy" as much?

"i'm free to be what ever i...what ever i choose and i'll sing the blues if i want. i'm free to say what ever i...what ever i like if it's wrong or right it's alright..." -oasis



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