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03-04-2008 - 13:23

i've been reading back past entries. from the start.

i did move out of the volpix. i did get a futon mattress on the floor to sleep on. i did get multiple wine racks. i did finally get a new car. i did some traveling and expect to do more soon. i did get a lot of things "done" that i wanted to.

i do think i need to set some new goals or at least work on some old ones that i've not yet "finished"...
1. get some okonomiyaki with shin.
2. visit aimee.
3. start actually dating someone.
4. finish school.
5. travel more.
6. do more things outside.

1. this will happen quite soon.
2. this is more difficult as she has the exact opposite weekends off that i do. and then she's on call a lot.
3. i guess this wouldn't be too difficult. i've been asked out on a couple of dates lately, i've just not taken anyone up on them. so, this really shouldn't be too difficult if i actually put in some vague effort.
4. hopefully only a few more semesters then i should be done.
5. well, i do think i might try to get to australia while chivs still out there. i also never rescheduled my japan trip. maybe mike and i can go for my 30th birthday when it comes up. that will give time for planning and saving up of the funding.
6. eh. the outside is good. i love picnics. drinking outdoors. walking around. etc. this should not be too difficult to do and can actually be done during daylight and night time hours.

must leave soon for oil change for the new car. then grocery shopping. then paper writing.

"...can't stand the blazing sun? can't stand the morning rain? get out, i'll take your place again. i don't want to be alone. oh i don't want to be alone. oh i don't want to be alone at all. if it's a white hot soul they want...then a black heart they'll get..." -smasking pumpkins



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