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03-04-2008 - 06:43

on a more personal level...

so, not too long ago my parents were in a massive fight partially over things to do with my sister. at the time my father was actually going to live at my place for a while. so, what happened? once again i was placed into the spot of marriage counselor. i got them to work things out. i'm not always sure if i like this oldest child thing where i seem to get stuck in positions that i don't really think i should be in. like when my grandmother died. why was i the one who had to help organize things? i was the one who had to help with some of the funeral things. when my sister was going to flunk out of college...when she was informed that if she failed another class that the university was going to excuse parents asked me to "fix" things. which i did. i do like living in novi and i like visiting my grandfather frequently. what i don't like is that if i moved out of novi, family would be ok with it, but it's kinda of been insinuated that someone needs to stay in the area and since i already live here...

i did get the 18th off. that's good. think i might frolick about in my good kimono and maybe have a picnic somewhere nice.

on a happy note, i am in a fantastic mood right now. i know i should be getting things done right now but i'm taking a break. going to watch storm hawks. maybe get some cinnimon (not likely spelled right) melts from mcdonalds after that. then take a nap. i will then get up early and get some things done. then i'll see "the boy" tonight unless he changes his mind. then eventually i'll sleep in the night or early morning hours and work all weekend.

oh. after discussing life the universe and everything last night, i've come to a conclusion to a question that was asked of me. the question was why i'm against marriage in general. an addition to this question was why i always say that i'm never getting married. well, here's the answer:
1. i think i'm against marriage because of two reasons. one is that i think i've been given too high a standard for it and really don't think that anyone could live up to that standard for me. the second part is that i don't think people take it very seriously now days. i know that sounds really outdated, but divorce is just so easy now that i think people just give up too easily.
2. this one is a bit more difficult to explain. i'm not sure if it's because i'm afraid that i'll never find someone that i'd be that close to so i give up before the let down, or if i just think it's an outdated concept in a time where people do better interacting online or via text messages than in "real life". maybe virtual marriages will be the next big thing. but, somewhere i must be slightly up for the idea since i have always stated that if i were to get married, i'd want to get married in vegas by a japanese elvis impersonator. that and walk down the isle to either the flcl version of one of my favourite pillows songs or ball and chain by social d.

anyways. time for food.

"a world without danger..." -code lyoko



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