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05-04-2008 - 13:39

so, i know why i avoid people as much as possible during the month of april. i'm fairly "normal" all year round, then i'm a complete mess for the month of april. eh. wish april would go away.

currently i'm about to go to sleep. a nap before work.

talking with a friend last night, we were discussing how people describe others. now days, people seem to describe people in vague ways. "what's your friend john like?" oh he's tall and likes sports. works for abc company. "what's your friend jane like?" oh she's really nice. she just recently fisnished up a masters in abc. "so, how would you describe me?" well, electric. quirkey. like spring. i could go on to describe you in a listing of what i like about you. "so, what about me?" how would i describe you...well. like rain. "rain?" yeah. well, you used spring. anyways, rain's one of those things that can be good or bad. i would also say funny, sarcastic, smart, clever, brilliantly entertaining.

so, i'm in a great mood. who knows how long it will last right now. few people know how i get around now. the people that know are people who i don't know all too well. i think it's easier that way.

i was also thinking of liking people right off. right from the start. there's not that many people that i've liked right from the start. usually there's the getting to know them before liking. so, here's a quick list of people i've liked right from the start: jay, ryan, aimee, takkun, matt, "the boy". and, i'm still friends with all of them.

i think i need blueberry pancakes and bacon...

"tooku no kaze wo, mi ni matou, anata ni wa, todokanai. kotoba narabete mite mo, mata shisen wa dokoka, mado no mukou..."

"even if i say all these things to you, wrapped in a distant wind, you'll never hear them, gazing off to somewhere on the otherside of the window..." -l'arc~en~ciel



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