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09-04-2008 - 07:43

so, last night was quite fun. i actually had more oberon than food. though outside i was a little more cold than i'd expected.

i'd recently had the beating hearts baby song by head automatica stuck in my head. it's just sooooo catchy. it reminds me of someone i've not seen in a it's just a great song to turn up while driving to and sing along with.

i am also wondering how someone who says that i'm bad on the phone doesn't realize that they are worse then me on the phone.

anyways. there's a lot of things that have started up recently. lots of plans for things to do. lots of new people that i've recently met. looks like things are going to start getting interesting...

"hey are you ok? you look pretty low. very handsome awkward. do you feel ok? you look pretty low. very handsome awkward..." -the used



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