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10-04-2008 - 08:33

watching a show right now where the episode is about the "road not traveled". so, in a sporting way to stir up ghosts, i figured i'd visit a few of those roads...

i knew ryan before, but i don't think that we really started to become good friends until i invited him to yearbook back in high school. what if i didn't invite him? i probably wouldn't have ended up as good of friends with him. we likely wouldn't have ended up roommates, so i wouldn't be living in novi. not living in novi, i wouldn't have dated nick.

what if after tim had the breakdown, i'd gone out to saginaw and made him come back to his friends and life back in e.l. i wonder if we'd have gotten married. i wonder if he'd still be alive.

what if i'd have stayed in london. i had a job lined up if i wanted it. i had already looked into getting a visa. i wouldn't have a car. i'd have an entirely different life.

i would have to say that i like that road that i've taken so far. everything i've done up until now has made me who i am. so, i kind of like my choices...

so, random likes and dislikes. i like getting flowers. i dislike other drivers. i like sleeping in. i dislike having a ton of groceries, but nothing i want to eat. i like singing in my car. i dislike the fact that if i sneeze while driving, it's always while i'm on a corner, between semis, or on a ramp. i like the sound of being 70 feet under the surface of the ocean. i dislike the sound of my neighbours moving furniture all of the time. i like cooking for people. i dislike cleaning up the dishes after cooking. i like when people make me breakfast in bed. i dislike when i have to go to work tired.


"all because of you, i haven't slept in so long. when i do i dream of drowning in the ocean, longing for the shore where i can lay my head down. i'll follow your voice, all you have to do is shout it out..." -rise against



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