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12-04-2008 - 14:33

i really needed last night. things were pretty fantastic. we went to the theatre to see prom night but the first showing we wanted to see was sold out. so, we nabbed tickets for the later showing and had some drinks over at lucky's. shots were consumed. then back over to the movie. snacks, and snake venoms for the movie. after the movie we went out to the mixx. drinks. tons of short guys. general oddness. but things were fun and i kind of needed it.

then there's the ton of plans for tonight. depending on how things play out, i may or may not just stay the night in royal oak and be ready for the dim sum plans in the morning.

anyways, i think it's a nice weekend leading up to the 13th. i think my new plans for this year have actually helped quite a bit.

i definitely like how things are working out right now.

"look at me, look at me. just called to say that it's good to be alive. in such a small world. i'm all curled up with a book to read..." -flobots



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