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13-04-2008 - 02:43

so. i'm currently listening to the big song by the flobots a lot lately. that and lisa loeb. i'm not exactly sure why, but probably just because it's lisa, but the song falling in love makes me think of ryan. i also like the main chorus of "the time between meeting and finally leaving is sometimes called falling in love". while the song makes me think of ryan, that phrase makes me think of kyle. i don't think i ever updated about him. he's stuck back in his hometown. in bands off and on. appearently he quit drinking last year. got really drunk one night. passed out too close to a fire outdoors. got some bad burns on his shoulder.

i did get to hang out with ryan again. we haven't seen much of each other lately. i miss sitting around in our undies drinking wine on the porch. i actually miss quite a lot.

ryan: he's lisa loeb and the banditos by the refreshments. i like his laugh. i like that he's that warm fuzzy feeling. how with our powers combined, we could rule the world. actually, ryan is singing out loud in the summer to good music with the windows rolled down. best way to describe him.

i did have a great day today. on the way to the "garden" at a stop light in ann arbor, there was a car full of guys that was pulled up next to me. honking the horn and such. one of the guys was trying to give me his number. then m and i spent forever trying to find a parking space. and, m was officially the first passenger in my vehicle. then er telling me that he wished he could be a hot girl like me and dress all cute. got to love the compliments. an interesting night. ending in snow on my drive home. kind of funny.

i'm currently in a rather odd mood. it's a good mood, just odd. changes are stiring. words are becoming action. it's like i was stagnant water for a bit. then there was the thaw and the water is moving. slowly right now, but it's building up speed. soon the flow will stream. then the stream will rage. rapids and waterfalls. things are about to happen and i can't wait. i just have to make sure that i don't swept away and miss something.


on a down but dealing with note...stevens anniversary is today. seems odd knowing yet another person who was about my age who's no longer. this year is much better than previous years. i remember flipping out on shaun on the first anniversary. things really do get better with time...

moment of silence...



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