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14-04-2008 - 13:23

so, one anniversary over. one left.

i've been having a lot of strange dreams lately. i hope my sleep issues reside in the next couple of weeks.

right now i'm half watching mr and mrs smith. i really don't know many people who like the movie, but i love it. yeah, the ninja gave it to me for valentines day when it came out, but, until just now, i'd completely forgotten about that. not only do i like the movie, but i think there's a lot of lessons to be learned from it. makes me realize a lot of things. plus, the movie has a fantastic soundtrack. things left unsaid. misunderstandings. everything falling apart. a good end.

i am having a rather great day considering i'm not sleeping right now. have work tonight, and have class then work tomorrow.

think i'll have to finish cleaning my apartment on wednesday. anyways...oh...and, looks like dean and i are going to be learning how to tango. pretty strange, but it sounds like fun...

"all my friends and lovers will leave me behind. and i'm still looking for a girl. one way or another, i'm just hoping to find a way. a way to put my feet out in the world..." -counting crows



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