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16-04-2008 - 07:49

well, i am about to go to sleep. not much sleep before school. then 12 hours or work. so, uber tired. "the boy" was supposed to come out yet again, but didn't. too tired to drive out this morning. hopefully we can meet up for breakfast or something in the next month or so. it is kind of weird not seeing him at all.

well, on to the good news. dean and i are both searching for where to take tango lessons. we're most likely going to end up in ann arbor. i also have to start looking into shoes for it. i really can't wait. it just seems like another fun mini-adventure. and, he's going to burn me a cd of some music that would be great to dance to.

other than that...i have one more paper for class this semester. i guess we'll get the assignment sometime today and it's due in one week. so, aside from the outing tomorrow night, it looks like i'll be spending my days off working on school. well, i do plan on spending some time doing things on friday non-school. guess i should figure out who i'm hanging out with sometime today.

i'm not exactly sure what happened lately, but things have already changed. acceptance? opportunity? who knows. i'm completely fine with the fact that i really don't think that "the boy" and i will really ever hang out much again. i wouldn't mind a breakfast or so in there, but if that doesn't work out, that i'm fine with that as well. and well, with his record lately...there's a good chance that it wouldn't work out. i have some great invites for in the near future for catching some ralley racing. tango lessons will be fantastic. australia trip pending. things appear to be getting better. guess the only thing i'm really missing is someone to curl up with and take naps with. which, with the luck i've been recently having, likely won't be too difficult to find. yes it's too bad "the boy" isn't around because i like hanging out with him, but...too bad doesn't fill in never seeing. oh well.

"maybe something else i'm missing. something good and you're the reason. it's a dream, but there's a real world waiting..." -jimmy eat world



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