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19-04-2008 - 02:59

so, the good news: the dance place will give us a half hour lesson for free to see where we stand for dancing. dean says pretty much any day that doesn't start with a 't' works. so, i guess i'll email the place back tomorrow. then i work saturday. i won't sleep sunday and hopefully i'll get to see the dalai lama. then monday i'm meeting up with shin for okonomiyaki (hopefully) to celebrate recent events. we'll be at aji ten in canton. then on tuesday i'm either hanging out with laura or going out for drinks with rob. i seem to have a recent trend for guys who are over 6'00". then work for two days and a busy busy weekend.

i find it odd that rob suddenly sent me a message after ages. i can't really remember why we quit talking, but i think it had to do with school picking up. anyway, i'm always up for something to do and a gin and tonic tends to make things even better.

i am currently pondering what's worse. recovering from the heartbreak of a boyfriend. or recovering from the heartbreak of a friend. "the boy" has been removed from my contact lists of everything. there's just way too much drama and no benefit. and, i think he's a bit like an addiction. if i don't cut things off, i might just keep wanting more. not more as in dating or production of offspring kind of nonsense, but i know i want more from a friend than being passed over after explaining how bad april 18th is for me for a couch. i also know it's mean to say, but i hope he actually does feel bad for backing out on everything and not being there when someone needs him. actually, i needed someone, but i wanted him to be there. instead, i didn't see anyone today. barely ate. not much sleep. eyes poofy. feeling rather ill. oh. and i currently have a fat lip. the bottom one. i'll not go into it, but i really shouldn't ever try changing light bulbs over my head...all i can say is that i don't understand why some women want poofier lips. normally i don't drink by myself, but i've had a tad because my lip hurts quite a bit and i realized that i don't have any helpful meds aside from alcohol. the lip has stopped bleeding though.

the bad news: my sister might be driving around in a stolen vehicle. yep. and my father has called me a million times today to talk about things.

i think what i really want right now is just to have someone who's more than a friend who will be there when i need it. maybe even be there before i realize i need it. maybe just to come over and curl up together and listen to music in bed for hours.

oh. and "the boy" gave me a drunken phone call. he actually seems like a nice person when he's not sober. i do find it rather funny that he won't call when he says he will often times, but he'll call when he says he won't. but, being the understanding of drunks that i am, i shall forget that he phoned and disregard the email that he sent stating that he missed me. i really do wonder if he's just messing with me or not. i don't think he is...but then again, i really don't know. all i do know is that he's the most confusing person i've ever met. and that says a lot...

i think i've used this one before, but it's what i'm feeling right now...

"i know the whiskey it won't soothe my soul. and the morphine won't heal my heart. but if you take me down to the infirmary...i won't have to sleep or drink alone..." -cracker



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