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22-04-2008 - 03:33

the end of the bad part of the year is over. i feel it officially concluded with turning over my grandmothers death certificate to shin for the paperwork to get her death officially registered with her family records in japan.

starting out with saturday. well, i worked on saturday with not much sleep. had tons of coffee. then when i got out of work sunday morning, i camped out at laura's for a bit. i took a nap on her couch and was up and mobile before she even went to bed. then drove out towards the arena for the dalai lama speech. since i didn't have tickets, i was going to try and get one of the left over seats after they let everyone else in. luckily, i ran into a couple during my walk over who had an extra ticket. so, i got in and ended up with a great seat.

it was strange hearing the dalai lama talk. seeing him. it amazes me at how such a small man can affect so many. his manurisms reminded me of my grandmother. just hand motions, adjustments. he was very entertaining. very humble. very humbling.

after hearing him talk, i ended up going to work early and hanging out with sarah. figured it didn't make sense to drive home for twenty minutes and then just drive back to work. then i worked another shift. so tired. the "the boy" and i had a row on the phone. i was tired. cranky. etc. eventually things worked out and i ended up staying "the night" at his place. i think i'd forgotten what it was like for us to get along and just curl up in bed.

then...later in the day (monday evening) i met up with shin in canton. we ended up having okonomiyaki. i love how it's not on the menu but people who know about it can get it if they ask. it was great. and it was nice to finally see shin again since we've both been so busy.

i do have to go on record and state that "the boy" is the most absolutely confusing and frusterating person i have ever met. i don't know if we have much in common, but i do like it when we get along...

"well you are the one the one that lies close to me. whisper's hello i miss you quite terribly. i fell in love, in love with you suddenly. now there's no place else i could be but here in your arms..." -hellogoodbye



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