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26-04-2008 - 05:39

a perfect night...

so, ryan came over. we ended up eating dinner at red robin. "what would you like to start out with?" "mai tai's."

after that, we went to the bar in wixom. aka, the wixom bar. or "the bar". they now have a sign. i think the old sign just said "bar". the divey-ist dive bar ever. nothing on tap. they don't have the stuff on display. beers are cheap. mix drinks are cheap. ryan and i played some random songs there. got some elvis in there. anyways, it was fun. partaking in the king of beers. oh. and hearing a song about margaritoes. yep...toes...

afterwards, we stopped at mcdonalds and i nabbed some oj and two cinimelts. so, all in all a great night.

there is a lot of other stuff going on, but i'll leave that for later...

"ano niji wo watatte ano asa ni kaeri tai. ano yume wo narabete futari aruita glamourous days. akewatashita ai ni nan no kachi mo nai no? ah nageite...hakidasu go. nomihoshite rock'n'roll. iki agaru battle. furasshubakku. kimi no flavour. ah remember..." -nana

"i want to go back to that morning, so i cross the rainbow. in order to be in lone for our dreams, we walk in these glamourous days. is there no value in surrendering to love? an i sigh...spit out and go. booze and rock'n'roll. breathing harder for the battle. flash back. your flavour. ah remember..." -nana



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