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02-05-2008 - 08:19

so. i watched densha otoko the movie. loved it. i watched another movie too and it was sooooo depressing. i think it was made after the anime series, but i'm not sure.

i'm nervous about school. first class is this monday. so, in just a couple of days i'll no longer have a social life for a little while. if all goes well, i should be done with school by the end of next summer. i can't sleep lately thinking about it. not very like me, but what can i say...

one good thing is that "the boy" and i seem to be getting along fairly well lately. i really wanted to see him this morning, but alas, that was not able to work out. i have to admit that even when i don't get much sleep around him, i tend to feel better. i do wish he'd switch shifts so that we could actually hang out more. and do things when we hand out that don't involve just sleeping. i like how even when he's sleeping, if i get out of bed or move away, he wakes up...says "come here"...and pulls me over towards him. it's kawaii. i don't like the fact that i don't think i'll be able to see much of him this summer semester with school work and his being on another shift.

in other news. dean and i have started our tango lessons. just have to work on the whole not leading thing and better posture.'s fun so far. shin also finished the documents that i'll have to send out to the japanese consulate in detroit. finally i'll be able to have my grandmothers death registered properly in her family records back in japan. i think to thank him for all of his work, i'll have to make him dinner sometime...once again depending on school work. i also have a vivienne westwood/nana light necklace that should be arriving in the mail any day now. just something fun that i felt compelled to buy after watching the movies and most of the anime series. i also just won an ebay auction for some vivienne westwood earrings. i can't wait to get them. something that i figured would cheer me up with school starting and feeling overwhelmed and such. then, there's also the fact that i've not heard from my sister in months. i keep calling and leaving messages. i called her on her birthday but got her voice mail. asked her to call me back, but it's been a few days and no return call. i sent her a victoria's secret gift card for $100 for her birthday. i'm not sure if she got it or not yet. i'm not even sure if i'll ever find out.

anways. i know this sounds cheesy, but today i'll end with what i think would be a perfect low effort day. getting out of work. going to "the boy's" place. watching a movie and eating before bed. curling up with him in alarms set (which would be weird for us). sleeping in until late in the day. then going to pick up some groceries and cooking back at his place. no where to go. nothing to do. it would be great.

"Ashita oren chi kuru tte sa kimi ga ikinari iu kara sa. Konna jikan kara souji tanoshikatta kyou no kaerimichi. Futo omoidashi warai shizen to niyakeru gozen yoji. Nugippanashi no kutsushita ya hokori mamire no hondana. Douyara asa made kakacchaisou da na konya wa. Nomenai burakku koohii nemukezamashi ni ikki nomi. Kimi no waratta toki ni hosoku naru me waraigoe chiccha na te. Tonikaku subete ga ore wo ugokashiten da ne." -orange range

"You suddenly say Iím going to find my place. Now Iím going to start cleaning; it was fun on the way home today. I laugh as I suddenly remember the natural, cheesy way we acted at 4am. The socks weíd kicked off, the bookshelf youíre so proud of. Tonightís gonna drag till the morning comes. I gulp down some undrinkable black coffee to keep me awake. The way your eyes narrow when you smile, your laugh, your little hands. Anyway, everything about you moves me." -orange range



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