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14-05-2008 - 12:33

i'm not really feeling well today. things going on. things that went on. lack of sleep. down pouring rain. having class today. rescheduled the martini date. just don't really feel like it right now. woke up earlier to toyota people calling to see if i'm happy with my car...

earlier i watched a special on egypt and the pyramids and such. currently i'm watching a cartoon called "cat's can't dance". i have to admit...i like watching things were everything works out in the end. i know i've watched something before about all of that and hero's trials and such. eh...things will get better soon. like the saying goes, it can't rain all the time.

i keep saying to myself that the next person who comes along, i should just see how things go. not give my all. i keep saying that, but i know i'll not do it. it's just not me to not give everything. to friends. to loves. to those in between. i'm really not sure why i'm bothered right now. normally it's a snap to just complete a relationship transaction with someone who starts acting not very nice. just a walk away and be better off. i've moved past boyfriends without this weirdness. oh well. these things will pass.

i think that to class today i'll wear my new pink dress over jeans. satin and chiffon have got to cheer a girl up. i think that a nap will, i'm off to brush my teeth and take a nap before class.

oh. and i managed to bite my lip last night whilst at work. to focus on other things...

"i never believed that there was a rainbow with a pot of hold at the end. i'm much too smart for fairy tales like that, yet here i am again. i thought this time, this time we're gonna make it. why i thought so i really don't know. maybe something in his eyes just told me so. something in his eyes... tell me lies and i'll come runnin'. i must have lost my mind. i could close my eyes and tell you exactly what's comin'. life's gonna turn just a little unkind. seems like everyone's sailin' way out on the sea, and i'm stuck here on the shore. sun's always shinin' but it's never on me. why should i try anymore? tell me lies. tell me lies and i'll just keep right on comin'. this time i've got to believe in the dream. this time i've got to believe in his dream." -cat's can't dance



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