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30-05-2008 - 03:33

so. took my exam. don't know how i did.

i realized today that the boy still owed me a pie. oh well. now the touchy part is that i'm considering switching shifts for various reasons (that do not include him) but since we are no longer talking, i think it would be rather odd switching to his shift. but, i really don't want to work days.

hmmm...other things. i'm worried about this semester. i'd kind of sad about how things worked out with the boy. i'm a tad apprehensive to meet up with anthony. i'm concerned about how things are going with my sister as aside from a missed voice mail that she left me to thank me for her birthday gift, i've not heard from her in maybe over two months. i got my westwood lighter in the mail today. i'm tired but i can't sleep. i have to clean up my apartment. i am considering checking out the 24 hour gym place that's just down the street. i have to decide on where i'm vacationing after this semester ends (and after dave's wedding). i need to locate a wedding date for mid-july. i wonder if i'll ever meet a guy who either likes or would be willing to go to a hootie concert. i think that jake shim., daniel ho, and jack johnson should have a show together. i kind of think that if i didn't have family here, that i'd like to live in hawaii. i think that i'd do well there. instead of cleaning i've been painting the red dragon back onto my shirt that faded ages ago and making multi-unit origami things. i'm cold and i really wish that i had someone to curl up with. i need to work on being more humble and and more at peace. i need to take time ever day to just do nothing for a little while. just relax. i wonder if now that the documents regarding my grandmother's death have been taken care of, if next april will be better than this one was. i wonder if i'll ever find someone who's more than a friend who will just be there for me since all of the guys i've come across so far really just aren't usually "there" when i need someone. i wonder if i'll ever be able to do the same for someone. oh...and i think i'm going to build a rather elaborate (for my skills) bookshelf unit sometime in the near future. i just have to plan out the dimensions properly.

"nā kumula’au i kanu ‘ia i ke kīhāpai. e kali ana I kou ho’i mai. nipo ninipo i ka ‘ena aloha. pela ka ‘ano’i ma ka pu’uwai (no ka mea). ‘a’ohe like. ‘a’ohe like me ‘oe. ‘a’ohe like. ‘a’ohe like me ‘oe. ‘a’ohe like. ‘a’ohe like me ‘oe." -daniel ho



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