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07-06-2008 - 06:53

so. i reacently watched kimi wa petto. a japanese drama about a woman who's 29 and ends up having a pet boy who's 20. made me think of the pet i had back in undergrad. i remember takkun greeting me when i came home from class. me making sure that he ate enough. him taking care of me when i was sick. making me chicken noodle soup...spilling half the bowl on the way to my room. him falling asleep at the foot of my bed most nights. us taking naps on the couch. when takkun went missing one day and ryan and i tried a gypsy spell for the return of lost pets. as soon as the candle went out, takkun walked in. i even bought him a pair of shoes like in the drama. it just was kind of funny. takkun was really the best pet a girl could have. better than most since he could clean up after himself and drive. i remember wishing that things could just go on like that forever. but i had to go and ruin it. i was dating tim at the time and he was soooo jealous of takkun. even's funny how even a phone call from him can turn my day around when it's going in a bad direction. he was there through the good and the bad. cheering me up when i'd be crying after a bad break up. meeting up with me for the first time in years in person in the middle of the night because i needed that matlab programme. someone that i know would be there for me if i needed it. i think that maybe the boy kind of reminded me of takkun. that might be why i wanted to call him takkun, but in the end, i couldn't.

i've been talking to a lot more japanese people lately. i've been working on a lot more japanese things lately. and i've been watching a lot of japanese dramas lately. it's made me re-evaluate dating. i think that from now on, i'm going to go for the nice guy types. they're always the ones that i hope will get the girl in the end, but rarely do. anyways...

"can you see that i am needing. begging for so much more, than you could ever give. i don't want you to adore me. don't want you to ignore me, when it pleases you yeah. and i'll do it on my own..." -muse



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