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12-16-2011 - 07:07

a fantastic night. fantastic.

first off, some lines from the bcb. "it's only sexual harassment if the attention is unwanted." in reference to my last situation... "well, if a hot girl like you is willing to sleep with a guy and he's straight. don't matter if he has a girlfriend. don't matter if he has a wife, hell, guy could be mormon and have a bunch of wives. he's going to sleep with you."

mind you, the bcb is just a friend. nothing more. a hilarious friend who saved me from the crazy i was stuck in. maybe the physical activity of urban exploring helped too. i currently have callouses on my hands.

the great news is that the wiles are back. or as the bcb calls it "mojo". i didn't realize that i lost it. didn't notice that i wasn't getting free starbucks from coffee guy. i did think it was odd that i had to vacuum my own apartment, but didn't connect it. when did i loose it? when i hooked up with ben. ben the last guy, not benjamin-lee-miller, the ex. seems to be back now!

on the topic of benjamin-lee-miller, and connecting the scott pilgrim thing that everyone seems to be throwing at me from the purple hair...i think that he's my roxie. while ramona had the girl on girl thing, i had the dating a guy who was bi thing. i'm not sure who my gideon is though. i think that w-j-s would be my matthew. and while i only dated lee, he was a twin. i wonder if that counts. anyways...

"all these things that you say, like i'll forget about the mind-numbing games that you play..." -the airborne toxic event



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