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13-06-2011 - 01:59

gah! i'm so annoyed. what's up with this whole commercial within a commercial thing going on lately? i'm here trying to do my school work with the television on (you know, so i'm not distracted) and i keep seeing these commercials!

"i thought you saw the light!"
"to be honest, i lied for booze."

i am sad to say that after my limited urban exploring last night, today my arms are sore. i have officially become weak. i was keeping up with sword stuff for a while there and then the rain came in and it's not something one can easily do indoors.

i took today off as a vacation day from work to get more caught up on school stuff. it's coming along, but i'm still so far off. i miss when i had school, didn't show up, and then just aced exams.

so, i get my school stuff done. i have an amazing weekend after with i'm fully recovered from my stress. this is the plan. like beckie says about self-fulfilling prophecies, and how they come to be. so shall this. crazy weekend lined up too. completely random stuff mostly involving detroit. yeah...just need to avoid a melt-down...

"what was left when that fire was gone? i thought it felt right but that right was wrong. all caught up in the eye of the storm, and trying to figure out what it's like moving on. and i don't even know what kind of things i've said. my mouth kept moving and my mind went dead. so, picking up the pieces, now where to begin? the hardest part of ending is starting again!" -linkin park



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