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16-06-11 - 07:23

strange things are afoot at the circle k...

ok. all things considering, i had a pretty great night. got to get a lot of school work done during work. still have a ton more. not sure if i'll take a quick nap and then start working on it again, or if i just won't sleep till i get back from work again.

so. from here on out, brian shall be known as the kid. well, even though i keep turning him down on his offers to do things, a bunch of us will be going out next thursday after our midterm exam for drinks. he was also nice enough to email me entertainment through most of the night. great way to keep awake. i still can't believe he took all the time to type what he did. i always appreciate effort. effort to be a friend. effort to be a significant other. effort to be a good co-worker. it's definitely going to be interesting drinking with the kid and others next week.

i feel awful. lack of sleep. school stress. oddly though, my brain has started working properly again. i think that i'm over and done with somethings. moving on with others. accepting new things. and going to have a fun time with it all.

i'm also looking forward to this weekend. after sleeping like the dead most of friday, i'll be heading out to the r.o. before moving onto detroit for dinner. i think that maybe then we're going to see ray's show. saturday, shopping with lorelei, dinner with family, and who knows what else. sunday, the show in detroit, and dinner with my grandfather. some where in there i'll have to work on homework, prelabs, and study for my midterm. things are going to get a whole lot busier now...

"well over there there's friends of mine. what can i say, i've known them for a long long time and they might overstep the line, but you just cannot get angry in the same way" -arctic monkeys



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