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17-06-11 - 03:13

as the dust settles on the crazy while i've had lately...

a switch flipped today. some time during my drive to work after class. just pure calm. happiness. just driving with the windows down and the music up.

i'm so tired that i can't even sleep. today was the day i get out of work early. i'm currently home and have the time and the want to's just not happening. yet i'm not all that concerned.

i am wondering something. if a ta for a class emails you and that email includes his phone number in bold, is that odd?

i've had so little sleep lately that i don't even remember my dreams. i know the past few days i've been rambling on here. this is the happiest i've been in a few weeks. i'm not quite sure if my brain just overloaded on stress and burned out, or if things are just back to normal. i have a midterm this coming up week and i'm not that worried. i think i might read a book before going to bed. maybe a drink along with that.

i'm currently in love with the story of higashi no eden. it's one of my new favourite series right along with furi kuri. it kind of makes me want to curl up next to someone nice and watch the entire series again. i still need to see the second movie. and netflix doesn't have it. may end up having to watch it on one of my j/k/c-drama sites.

i like being able to breathe again...

scott: don't you just wish this moment could last forever?

ramona: this moment with your hand on my boob? i think that was more your moment than mine, dude.

"quiet words of wisdom creep into your victim's ears. i'll die for you, i'll die for you, i'll die for you. in any which direction, call me. i will run for you, i'll come for you, i'll die for you, i'll come for you..." -we were promised jetpacks



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