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18-06-11 - 03:59

i just got home from a night out. it was both a bogus journey and an excellent adventure.

best night i've had in ages. and that doesn't cover the being d-r-u-n-k.

1. have a new bartender friend who says he will always remember me and hopes to see me soon.

2. got free drinks from said bartender (burlesque bar).

3. gut felt up by a friend of a friends boyfriend.

4. have secured an audition as a drummer for a band. it's been a while, but girl drummers always have groupies...

5. started the night out at a american and layfyette coney in detroit before moving on to see bands play at the burlesque bar.

6. had more shots tonight than i've had in the past 3 months. plus other drinks.

7. had a song pop on tonight that made me think of someone. he thought he'd ruined the song for me, but was very fitting. like in fight club. the best 30 seconds of any movie i've ever watched. it's not a ruin. it's a start again. clean slate. start from zero. something amazing.

8. so, i guess "we" are going to try out speed dating. i know a girl shouldn't go to something like that with a bunch of guys, but i think it will be hilarious. i still have to decide on a name to use and a persona to have.

9. some nights are so amazing that there are no words to describe them.

10. i'm back to meeting crazy fun people at crazy locations. i've also been informed that i am "amazing", "fantastic", and "the new love of my life" tonight. great ego boost...

"always think about her and when she says hi to me butterflies go right through me..." -i am x-ray



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