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19-06-11 - 02:27

so, i guess i liked someone more than i realized. i talked to my sister today and she said that she's sorry things didn't work out with him because she could tell how much i liked him when i was first talking about him.

also, if someone doesn't want to tell others about someone, does it mean they are ashamed to know that person? or that even if they don't realize it, that person is so great that they don't want to share them with anyone?

too bad he won't take my advice and do the one thing that would be best for him and everyone else involved. sometimes i hate when i know how the story will end.

tonight was my relaxing date with myself. chinese food. crazy movie watching. lounging around in the skivies. drinking beer. i do think that more people need to do such things. just take a break once and a while.

sometimes i just want to lay in bed next to someone and listen to music for hours...and because my love of spike s., it wouldn't be bad if that someone had great hair...

"'cuz this life is anything but certain. when they close the final curtain, you'll get a glimpse of the truth..." -3oh3



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