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24-06-11 - 02:34

my mind is currently absente. who knows if i'll find it again...

i'm happy i was able to go out tonight with someone. no one finished the exam today. so, pretty much, that means that i am getting less than a B in the class, hence failing. i really needed someone to go out with. and alcohol. lots of it.

i bought some absinthe today. it came with an absinthe spoon. and then i bought two absinthe glasses off of amazon just now. it shall be excellent.

the bruise on my arm from my blood draw looks even more awful today than yesterday...

i was asked recently if i always get what i want. it's strange, but i do. i guess now i just have to decide what i want (aside from travel) and who i want (maybe who to travel with).

my level of sobriety faded long ago. so, many apologies for spelling issues...

i'm at a happy calm state right now. it's been a while since i've achieved such a state.

also, while i'm not a fan of lawyers, i actually kind of like this new lawyer drama on right now. maybe it's because the main character isn't very lawyer-like.

oh...i was going to start posting my formula. here it is. step one of how to make someone fall in love with you...

step 1: need - you must need something. need their help with something/for something/to do something.

tomorrow the next step...

post script: i could almost kill for a good back/neck rub right now.

"would i start to regret it. or would i smile and watch it slowly fall, fall, fall?" -cake



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