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26-06-11 - 07:37


the first time i danced in the middle of a store was in college with ben in a meijers. the first time i had someone "defend my honour" was in hawaii when steve was about to fight kong when he tried to guy me for the night. the first time i slapped a guy was in brazil when the random drunk guy came up and tried to make out with me. the first time i had absinthe was in paris with todd. the first time i flew by myself was when i went to space camp in elementary school.

jealousy. guys i've dated. aaron was jealous of everyone. chris was jealous of aaron (mainly that he wrote an entire album about me and hating me after i broke up with him). will was jealous of kyle. tim was jealous of kyle. kyle was jealous of tim. ben was jealous of everyone. the ninja was jealous of kyle and tim. troy was jealous of jobe. weird.

i remember when i had my fortune told in nyc. i was there visiting william (not the one i dated) and we were walking around town and i saw the neon lights and we went in. i remember what the woman told me for my fortune. maybe it's the reason why i keep trying. she told me that i would get married. that i would be reluctant, but i would get married and it would last. the guy would be someone i know. someone who has traveled or does travel. we would meet. he would go away. when he came back, i wouldn't want to date him, but he would convince me to. and that's the end of the story. somewhere between the beginning and the end, i'd find love and happiness. at the time, william thought maybe it was supposed to be takkun. my guess is that it has to be someone i've yet to meet. guess it means i should get out more.

the third step for making someone fall in love with you...
vulnerability - you must present a vulnerable side/trait of yourself. a weakness.

"are you with me? nothing to trust in. you have the answers? what are the questions. are you with me? are you with me now?" -vaux



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