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27-06-11 - 07:23

tonight could be the best night of my entire life. unlimited possibilities. anything can happen. i love that feeling. electric. magic.

maybe i'll pop out to ikea today for a new post-flood shelf...

so, continuing with my steps for making someone fall in love...
step 4: caring - you must care for their well being/show somehow that you care. step 5: fight - you must have some emotional/verbal clash. something all out. to be continued tomorrow...

i'm currently cold. wish i could curl up next to someone to keep me warm. maybe i'll find that person this weekend. right now i'm so tired i can't sleep. i must be more tired that i realized since people kept asking me about my "accent". stupid thing seems to pop up when i'm really really obscenely drunk or really really tired.

my horoscope for today says that i need to extend a hand and try to get someone else to join my cause - even if we've been opposed in the past. it's a good time for me to build new alliances and to try new configurations. hmmmm...wonder what that means...

"sheng bai de dui bi shi can ku de ke yi. yun qi cong lai jiu bu zai wo zhe li..." -jay chou



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