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29-06-11 - 05:13

two great days in a row. and i've still not taken the book shelf out of my car!

had my school stuff done early today. found out i did better on my exam then i though and we're allowed extra credit. went out with neal, scott, and shin to our usual tuesday night outing. it was an interesting night. learned a lot of interesting things. came home late from the bar. found out that i got a 99% on my project. better than i'd expected since i pulled it together 20 minutes before it was due. had an email from the kid checking up on me. i even had a post-bar nap. the only down side is that my abs hurt from laughing so much tonight. we seem to have that problem every tuesday we go out.

i still have to decide what i'm doing this weekend. and what to plan for the picnic coming up. and what i'll bring to ray's bbq. now that the weather is nice maybe we can start skinny dipping in the pool after hours...oh yeah, and eventually we have to plan the umeshu party...

i just might pass this semester. i just might be able to finish grad school after all.

there's this strange feeling in the air. like something amazing is about to happen. there's so much going on lately and like always, strange things happening around me. i know i've been talking about this for a few days now, but it's becoming more and more evident. i can't wait to see what's going to happen next...

oh, and i'm almost done with the steps. here's the next step. honesty. you need to be completely honest with each other even if it's out of anger or confusion...

"i've been waiting all my life for this, i've been waiting for you. i've been waiting all my life for this, i've been waiting for you!" -orange



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