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02-07-11 - 05:59

my grandmother had surgery. seems to have gone well. still stressed from school stuff, but i seem to be doing ok so far. it helps that m is grading half of my stuff.

i think that i've been out drinking every day i've had off for a while now. i wonder the status of my liver... went out tonight. pricey dinner at the korean place. beer. sparkling sake mixed drinks. (pretty and blue). then cloverfield coolers while watching super 8. i must say, that movie has the best train crash ever in it! sometimes it works out well when original plans don't work out...

ah. definitely a need to mention. lately my mother has been reading the alumni sections of the paper and updating me with all of the great things the people i went to high school have done and how i've not done those things.

i also finally got around to removing the rather heavy ikea bookshelf from my car. so, post flood, all is well. i have the new shelf up and it's re-stocked. i just can't believe i was able to get the thing into my apartment to assemble in the first place. next time i may actually accept help.

my horoscope for this month says that things will be quite busy socially for me. it must be true, because with the bbq's, necto outings, picnic, bar outings, etc, it's going to be a busy month. it also says that i'm going to re-connect with someone from the past romantically. oddly enough, j contacted me. not sure if i mentioned him in here, but i knew him from before i went to texas. he's a very interesting chinese (born in the states) guy from texas.

anyways, i'm off to catch up on some of my j-dramas i've been neglecting with a long soak in the tub. then sleep since i have a busy busy day today...

oh. maybe for my next post i'll conclude my steps.

"don't you wish your world was mine? don't you wish your... you open doors and close them quicker than the eyes of most...i realize what's wrong, wrong with your life. quicker than the eyes of most. on the real, it's go time. yet you say you don't want to know, don't want to know the truth..." -sublime



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