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03-07-11 - 08:13

i'm currently not on speaking terms with my mother. i'm also currently watching tangled. her "mother" reminds me a bit of mine. seems like every time things are going well, she finds a way to completely knock me down...

so, when i first saw this movie, it was in the theatre on austins birthday. after everyone went out to dinner, austin and i saw it. one of the things i like about the movie is that it's about so many things that apply to real life. crazy mothers that try to keep people down. a bad guy who everyone knows is bad, but he finds a way to change and ends up a nice guy in the end. that a change of location can be a good thing. and that everything will work out in the end.

anyways, i had an interesting night. i should have been home doing school work, but instead ended up going out in r.o. with k. sweetest guy ever. definitely interesting to hang out with. plus, it might be nice to hang out with someone who is big into the detroit music scene.

"i have made the decision to trust you" "a horrible decision really"

anyways...some day things will be more like a fairy tale...

"and it's warm and real and bright. and the world has somehow shifted. all at once, everything is different..." -tangled



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