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04-07-11 - 11:03

i'm not sure how i never noticed it before. my addiction to books. to reading. i remember being little and wanting to escape from various things. so i would read. after things with my mother and whatnot this weekend, i found myself this morning waiting for the book store to open. bought $70 worth of books. it made me feel so much better. a means of escape. i know how weird i am.

bought a bunch of books. manga. thai detective thriller. horoscope.

the horoscope books are for regular zodiac and chinese horoscope for 2011. things are oddly accurate from them. even down to the problem with family this week. about my crazy expectations. mentions my stress from school. that my social life will really pick up this year. that romance prospects will pick up after let downs earlier in the year. hmmmm.....

i'm feeling much much better after getting the books. that and letting the battery die in both of my phones. so, off to read a bit...

"l'amour ca ne vaut rien. ca m'inqiquiete de tout et ca se deguise en doux. quand ca gronde, quand ca me mord. alors, oui, c'est pire que tout. car j'en veux plus encore..." -carla bruni

"love, it's worthless. i'm worried about everything, and that is disguised as soft. when it thunders, when it bites me. so yes, it's worse than anything. because i want to, more..." -carla bruni



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