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06-07-11 - 09:13

strange days...and even more strange nights...

while i'm not currently in love with anyone, i am in lust with someone. nothing will ever become of it since he's a cop and that's on my do not date list. but then again, so are lawyers and i did have a thing for a lawyer not too long ago... but this guy. cute. funny. cheesy as hell. on the list of highest cheaters by profession are cops, firefighters, emts, doctors, er workers, and lawyers. which is funny because one of the studies years ago even rated those professions as more likely to cheat on a significant other than strippers (i think they referred to them as exotic dancers).

well, leading into the next strange event...i'm talking with ben again. something happened where he received some bad news. so even though i've sometimes wished i didn't, i care. maybe we can be friends. i'm not interested in dating him anymore. it's easy to stop liking someone who no longer likes you. i'm not sure about the friends thing. i also can't say that i'll never like him again. i guess maybe i just hope i won't? maybe he will be a better friend than guy to date. i just hope that things work out for him with his new issue.

in other news...i met someone interesting. it's weird because he knows shin and yumi and some others i know. japanese guy born in the states who lives in ann arbor.

maybe i should watch the movie strange days tonight...

"i'm strong on the surface, not all the way through. i've never been perfect, but neither have you..." -linkin park



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