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08-07-11 - 00:47

i'm so confused.

i had a fight with someone today. i'm not sure why it made me so angry. we're not talking tonight. may or may not have to see him when he gets back.

i hung out with ben tonight. just watched a movie as friends. working on the friend thing. not sure if it will pan out though.

good news. new music has arrived to my computer. k is really the sweetest guy i think i've ever met. he's been sending me music to help me study and relax. great stuff too.

gah. such crazy crazy stuff going on. i just really wish i could vent to someone, but there's no one appropriate to vent to. all i will say is that "he" know me too well. "he" knows when i'm starting to get angry and "he" just pushes. maybe intentional. maybe not. grrrrr.....

in less dramatic thoughts, i'm wondering. while i've made food for guys i've dated or left roses on their cars, i've never really done any of the cutesie stuff. do guys like that? i mean i know for the most part i'm not the girl in relationships, but maybe that's what guys are looking for. not that i'd change, but i guess it would be nice to know.

well, one guy is trying to get things together. another is getting tangled further into something. why don't i know any guys who aren't complicated. who aren't confused.

"and i've been trying to save you. i've been trying to change you, but i can't take watching you slip away..." -hayley taylor



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