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16-07-11 - 09:59

zhǐ lǎohǔ. it's one of my favourite phrases. in french it's my favourite name of a bar in thailand. wasn't a great bar, but i loved the name. i think that oh so many things in life are really paper tigers...

the past few days have been amazing. i'm not sure what happened, but i'm not so stressed by school even though i should be. i find myself driving and just smiling and singing with the windows down. oh, and last night ray introduced me to fizzy coconut water. i have however had some of the dreams lately. fortunately i've figured out that they don't involve me or anyone i'm close to. so, i'm not going to even try to sort it out.

anyways, i must get ready for guests!

"damn, another tragic jam. i know i'm s'posed to use my brake so on the gas i slam..." -jimmy's chicken shack



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