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17-07-11 - 21:13

i've had such a great weekend that i've slacked on so many things i need to work on...

it's so easy to fall in like with someone. sometimes you don't want to admit it. you don't realize right away. it's when you look back on events and realize 'did my gaze linger every time he spoke?' 'did i really lean towards him when he talked to me?' when you realize you did those things, you wonder how obvious you were. did they notice? what did they think? when will you see them again? do they want to see you again? ah. the initial sparks of potential...and this guy isn't evil. beckie and ryan would both approve. i'm pretty sure jay did as well...

i always hate to say that i'm a hopeless romantic. i love a real life happy ending (and not the massage parlour kind). i guess i just keep waiting to fall in love with someone and have that someone fall in love with me. eventually it will happen and it will be amazing. also, i've thought it before, but never put it in words: i will never settle in like or love. not for an instant. if you settle, there's a good chance you will miss out on something amazing...and maybe you will deserve to if you're too weak to fight for the real thing.

anyways. time to crack down on the school work and stop watching the law and order marathon!!!

"woah-o, woah-o, tomorrow's gonna be another day..." -just for laughs



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