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20-07-11 - 13:43

i finally was able to sleep. not an insomnia thing. just a school and work got in the way thing. i feel weird now. floaty. anyways, i have a ton of school work to work on...

also, i know i said the wiles are back, but they must be in full force. i actually had two guys at the gas station trip over each other to see who would hold the door open for me yesterday. very flattering.

i've currently just woke up so my brain is a slight jumble right now. still booting up.

oh. one of my co-workers...he started dating a girl the day i met ben. he liked/s her but kind of didn't want to have too serious of a relationship because he had recently gotten out of a long term one (he's still trying to sell the house they shared). well, looks like she wanted things to be more long term and serious. he used "protection" every time, but kept it at her place. next thing you know...she's knocked up. while it's possible's highly unlikely. so, who knows how things will work out for them.

right now i'm so hungry that i feel unwell. i'm still not motivated enough to obtain food, but eventually hunger will win out over lazy.

anyways, things will seem like they're going to get rather interesting in all aspects of my life soon...oh, and i need to start planning my texas and spain trips.

"wish i could prove i love you, but does that mean i have to walk on water? when we are older you'll understand it's enough when i say so, and maybe some things are that simple..." -utada hikaru



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