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21-07-11 - 02:43

i know i'm crazy. i just watched the movie red riding hood. the newer version. i watched it and i realized that that is what i want. i want to love someone and have someone love me. in that nothing can stop it manner. i want someone who would wait for me. no matter how long it took. that i'd be willing to do the same for. someone who would be there for me. no matter how much i pushed them away. no matter how much i hurt them. someone who would break down a door to save me even if i doubted them. even if at times my trust wavered. someone i wanted and needed no matter how crazy things got.

i'm oddly old-fashioned. and a skewed hopeless romantic. i have a habit of falling for every guy i date. it's as if every time i know it will work out...until it doesn't. at least i've learned to move on and try to find the right one instead of prolonging the "magic" once i realize it's not there.

the one thing i do know is that the guy i end up with will truly be a good guy. he won't be perfect or even close, but deep down he will be a good guy and always try to do the right things in life. think of others more than himself. definitely not a fake. someone who doesn't change themselves to make others like him. people will like him anyways because of who he is. i wonder if he really will be like the fortune teller in nyc told me...

so, once again. my two favourite sayings about relationships. the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. and. everyone wants to be saved...just sometimes in different ways.

"if i go everywhere you want me to go, how will i know you'll still follow? i'm waiting and fading and floating away..." -silversun pickups



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