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31-07-11 - 02:33

stressed about school...this semester is almost done...

other than that, things are fantastic. there's that feeling of relief when everything starts falling into place. so, now all there is is to sit back and watch the drama unfold at work. it's going to be glorious. when social life is going excellent, all there is to do is watch the other peoples drama. there's the couple who are cheating on people. there's they guy who right after telling his new girlfriend he wanted to keep things casual, knocked her up (she caused things to happen). there's the guy who likes the guy who knocked up the girl. drama drama drama.

my sister is still trying to marry me off to austin. the hb still owes me dinner and champagne. e told me today that she can't believe i'm over 22. boys coming out of everywhere asking me out. i have no idea what happened, but strange things are afoot at the circle k and they seem to be going in my favour. i have vacation time coming up and that means travel. my vivienne westwood lighter came in the post today. i am soooo going to have some fun after this exam is over on tuesday...

in more serious news, my family in japan that was helping with recovery efforts got out of the bad area and back to yokohama before yesterday's earthquake hit.

so, i guess some days you have to vent and some days you have to brag...

"trapped in your love, i've opened up. unsure i can trust. my heart and i were buried in dust. free me, free us..." -burlesque ost



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