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21-08-2011 - 07:37

so. i'm still recovering from my car accident where i'm still waiting to hear from insurance if my little toyota is totaled or not. anyways...a dodge truck plowed into the front end of my car. bleah.

shin has a 50/50 chance of not coming back to MI. susan is coming back from spain tomorrow for 2 weeks. ryan is coming back soon from CA for a spell. i got a b- in my class so technically i'm out of grad school, but the dean of engineering is checking on my grade so who knows. i was going to go to spain, but with school in limbo and no car right now, i'm waiting for things to sort out a tad. i'm also considering going to thailand again this year. maybe for my birthday. scott will be down there in october...

so...for the bad. my mother keeps telling me that everything will go bad for me in life and that the only luck i have is bad luck. she told me that the accident happened because bad things will always happen to me. yeah, great.

...and for the good. there's a potential right now with something that i'm afraid to mention least i jinx it. so, for now i'll just leave things at that and smile.

"space and time and time and space is my way. i'm forever in existence, i'm forever ok..." -311



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