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14-01-15 - 10:01

currently watching the movie 'honeymoon' as i type this. horror movie. something to distract me along with the scotch of my foot missing a small chunk of flesh. work related injuries. something i was able to block out in vegas, but apparently not here.

i was originally supposed to go climbing with alan today. not happening due to the maimed foot. nice guy. interested in dating me. divorced with a kid. third divorced with a kid/kids guy interested in me recently. friends, yes. not for dating.

one glass of scotch and i am feeling rather less than sober right now, but the pain has drifted away. or rather melted away like the single ice cube in my glass of scotch.

i really wish i was back in las vegas right now.

all of these years and i can still pull of random quite well.

i am currently freezing. maybe i wasn't ready to leave vegas. i almost feel like i'm missing something. it was warmer there, but not that much warmer. maybe because i didn't get to see a fight at the mgm? i guess that's still on my list. maybe because i was on this incredible streak of firsts out there. it was exciting. just the fact that while there, i could find 'home' within only hours of being there. it was a rather lovely hotel room. lucky numbers and all.

film ended. interesting movie. how far can one go before they break kind of thing. plus aliens.

i'm also being followed or rather haunted by a song. i heard a version of it a week or so ago and then the original multiple times in vegas and since i've been back. i wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something. not sure what since i tend to ignore the universe, but the universe does make a valiant effort to guide me in life. i'm still alive, so it must be doing a decent job.

it's also sweet talking to nate online this morning. nice to know people worry about me and my safety. maybe this spring i'll pop over to dc and visit him and his girlfriend. i've yet to meet her, but i have a feeling that we would get along famously.

anyways, i'm feeling rather human lately. not sure what's changed or how long it will last. probably longer than my current bottle of scotch. oh, and after pondering for a bit, i have realized...i need to stop giving friends space to pick up girls and sauntering off on my own. i did this in s.d. and ended up getting punched in the face breaking up a fight. in vegas i ended up getting burnt by a cigarette and my foot injury was made worse. maybe i am my own bad luck...

"nice to meet you, where you been? i could show you incredible things. magic. madness. heaven. sin. saw you there and i thought, oh my god, look at that face. you look like my next mistake. love's a game, want to play?" -i prevail

"so it's gonna be forever or it's gonna go down in flames. you can tell me when it's over if the high was worth the pain..." -i prevail



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