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08-02-15 - 06:47

ah. went out on a saturday evening. got home on a sunday morning. around 5.5am to be exact.

my saturday started out with me going to dans place. from there, ashley's for some food and drinks. will met up with us there and we went to the final fantasy orchestra event. then, oddly enough, we ended up back at ashley's for more drinks. one of dans friends met up with us there.

this is where the story goes slightly abnormal. my car was parked at dans. so, after ashley's, we went back there. i had consumed a smidge bit more to drink than i would have enjoyed driving with, so i stopped in at his place for a bit. not even quite sure how it happened, but we ended up friendly sparring on his couch. this went on for hours mixed with small respites of just lying on the couch together. it was all a very interesting situation. i seem to be getting into a lot of them lately.

i did actually lose the fight. i also now have some lovely bruises on my arms/wrists. my co-workers think i'm into some crazy 50 shades kind of s and m stuff. this will not help to convince them otherwise.

he said i could sleep there and i kind of wanted to, but should his roommate have come back it would have been a little weird. his roommate and roommates girlfriend actually met at my place some time ago at one of my gatherings. i do miss sleeping next to someone with these cold temperatures though.

also, as always, an honest report. i am glad he wasn't wearing issey cologne. i would have had to stay if he was. he did smell great. he was warm. he also didn't mind my playing with his hair. i don't know why i like to do that to guys, but most are not a fan. on the couch. arms wrapped around. face nestled against my neck.

i did finally book my flight for my march trip. sedona it is. still haven't sorted my trip for this month. it's in 2 weeks though.

"so it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames. you can tell me when it's over, if the high was worth the pain..." -taylor swift



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