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09-02-15 - 06:57

i live an odd life.

i meet a guy in an airport bar. he's with a friend and has a layover at dtw. not even his starting or ending destination. i mentioned before how super slick he was. didn't offer to buy me a drink. just paid for my drink before i could even get my check. well, minneapolis asked for my contact info. we were both running late for our planes and the wifi was having issues. i gave him the name i use on fb written old school on a cocktail napkin. he later messaged me. we've chatted a bit online since then. he's also invited me to visit and says he has a guest room at his place. from a brief meeting in an airport bar and a fb profile, he finds me interesting. i am pretty sure he's in his early to mid 20's. i don't think he knows i'm quite a bit older than that.

i really do seem to meet people in interesting places. i also seem to find myself in interesting situations. i've always found it funny how people who don't know me hear stories and think they are exaggerated. then they hear about stories from people around me who get caught up in my abnormal world.

honestly, 75% of my life is fairly normal. or at least normal for my station/situation in life. then 25% is the stuff that might actually make for a great book.

right now, in my head, i have my february trip planned. i'm thinking of running away for the weekend to windsor. just need to find someone to run away with. 'running away' also sounds much more glamorous then it really is but much better than crossing the filthy river into canada for a weekend. i wonder who i can get to join me in this endeavour.

i also didn't realize how strong of a grip dan would have. my arms aren't sore even though i have some fingerprint bruises on them, but my wrists? super sore. some minor bruises to my hands, but nothing really visible on my wrists. longest tussle i've ever had with someone before. i actually think my wrists are both slightly poofy from having them held down while i kept twisting them out...for several hours. if i didn't know any better, it would have seemed almost as if we were some sort of s&m couple. he was also at one point half tied down with what i believe was a cashmere scarf. do normal people end up in these situations?

due to my familiarity with odd, i'm able to pop right back as if nothing ever happened. i take my lead from those involved with me in interesting situations. i somehow don't think he is quite as accustomed to such randomness. i hope a fun and completely fully dressed and non-sexual night of rolling around on a couch for hours (and the floor) doesn't make things awkward between us.

"spend some time to float in outer space. find another planet, make the same mistakes. our mind's all shattered when we climb aboard. hopin' for the scientists to find another door..." -modest mouse



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