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13-02-15 - 06:33

that 50 shades movie just came out. i'm kind of happy for this. not because i have any interest in seeing it, but rather because the fun work calls are likely to start rolling in. there were some pretty great ones when the book came out.

let's see now...

i met up with a friend last weekend that i had not seen in about a year. not a good friend, we rarely hang out, maybe once or twice a year, but he is a nice guy and even picked me up from the airport once. super sweet and considerate. i feel bad though. he now messages me quite frequently, and i just am not that attentive of a person in general. does this make me a bad person? likely. do i care? no, but i know i probably should. i know he would never flip out on my like h did on new years, but his personality type does seems a bit similar.

jeff's birthday was yesterday. i hope he had half as much fun as i did yesterday. i started out my evening with a 'death in the afternoon' cocktail while waiting for my friend to arrive for dinner. during dinner, i had a follow up cocktail 'corpse reviver'. interesting theme i had going. philosophical drinking of death and rebirth.

still super excited about my arizona trip next month. i already know that beckie is going to ask what's going on with jeff. 'you've already gone to vegas with him and now you're going to arizona to see him?' this will be followed with her concern of 'do you think he's expecting "something" on this trip?'. no. we're friends. i highly doubt anything would happen between us. i think much drinking would have to be involved and he doesn't really do such drinking. i do love my watsons concerns for me though.

i really hope i've not somehow mucked up things with dan. i had a fun saturday hanging out with him (and part of the time will). it appeared that he enjoyed hanging out with me as well. i do think though that it takes a certain type to get caught up in an odd moment and not be thrown by it. odd moments frequently find me, so i am used to them. he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who has ever held someone down for any amount of time...let alone hours. i could be wrong though. wonder if he's ever going to be willing to hang out again...

ash has been single for a little while, but has found herself a new winter boy. she also seems convinced that i should follow suit. i just wish i could be bothered to make more of an effort. it's just so much easier to hook up with friends who live far away where i don't have to deal with the drama than it is to attempt to date someone even if only for a short time. i don't know. maybe i will look into finding someone for a couple of months.

my weird and hyper-realistic dreams are back again. in full force. i've been having a lot of odd ones lately. nothing drastic has happened and i know they usually pop up before something does, but i guess until then i am stuck with them. i wonder if part of it is my electrical issues. yeah. i'm still draining radio batteries and watch batteries. if i sleep next to someone else, i think that it buffers my electricity. i don't remember any dreams when i sleep next to someone.

"lately is seems as if it's me against the world..." -eminem



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