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16-02-15 - 10:13

well below negative temperatures outside right now. maybe that's why i keep thinking about not having an empty bed.

due to working the weekend, i've no real updates in my life. minnesota did ask me out. i guess that's the only thing. can't say i'm accustomed to being asked out on a date by someone who lives in a different state quite a ways away. especially by someone i came across at an airport bar.

i'm not sure why, but since this year started, my mind has been unclear. i've had a friend curl up with me in bed in vegas and while nothing happened, i shocked myself for not being uncomfortable. then again, my last weekend off? i have never thought or not thought of dan as being attractive. it's just something that never crossed my mind...until on his couch during a spat of friendly physical fighting with him lying next to me. breath on my neck. only then did the thought appear. i almost wonder if i should have kissed him just to see what would happen from there. i have a feeling though that he's been scared off mainly by himself. i don't think he's used to full body bruises and sore muscles from rolling around for hours with someone.

i sometimes wonder why i can predict so much about others and sense so much about others, but when it comes to me, i'm rather clueless. guess at least it's good that i have my watson to point things out to me.

i have been refreshing my social engineering skills lately. something that i of course never wield on friends. seems i haven't lost any skills though. it's made for an interesting week at work.


"rollercoaster, i don't say no. roller coaster, when you don't say no. and it's such a rollercoaster..." -bleachers



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