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18-03-15 - 08:39

i've taken a very long and very hot bath filled with japanese onsen salts (after showering of course) and am currently on my second pot of green tea...all this in an effort to purge the toxins i've drank over the past two nights from my system...

last night was interesting. granted it was drunk guys at local bars/pubs, but it's nice to get hit on while out. even got to threaten a guy with a throat punch. it was an interesting night. guess it's nice knowing that when people actually think of me as female, my appearance must not be that bad. guess it's just my lovely personality of weirdness that drives people away.

dancing to country music on the jukebox. this alternating with metal. story of my life. so many polar opposites that take place. even had a guy kiss my hand. most physical contact in a non-violent manner in a while. one of joe's friends wanted me to come back to his place for more drinks after we all closed out the bar. this was an offer i declined.

i'm on book two of the h. bosch series that cupcake recommended to me. i think that i would make a very good homicide detective. maybe i should go all out cop after all. there are some openings in new mexico, phoenix, and atlanta. some in detroit too, but i'm not about to work for a department that pays less than what i make now and have a 56% chance of getting shot or shot at.

also, due to the series, i've been thinking of pulling a bosch. travel more. have some slightly random affairs with people i know. listen to some more jazz.

i started re-reading my posts on here from the beginning. kind of funny how 15 years later and i'm still posting about the same things. guess it means that i've yet to grow up.

i also need to plan my april trip soon. looks like cupcake might not be so keen on traveling with me again so soon. i knew it was too good to last. plus, my crazy worry/inability to sleep on the last trip may have tipped the scales.

i haven't remembered my dreams lately. not sure what exactly that means. i've been sleeping well though. a sleep like death where my brain seems to have shut off for once. no dreams. soundly. off and on. sometimes for actual normal spans of time.

there's a lot of bad going on in my life and around me right now. maybe it's just hit a point where my brain can't be worried about things right now. i think i'll ignore things for a few days at least. nothing will really change in that amount of time. nothing drastic at least.


"take my hand..." -dream girls



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