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20-03-15 - 08:07

vernal equinox. super moon. total solar eclipse. let's see how today turns out...

tonight laura and i are eating at revolver. a restaurant in hamtramck. rotating chefs.

i need to get out of michigan. another weekend away. i'm nearing my max vacation days so if my supervisor decides to be decent, he will start giving me time off...and in a reasonable amount of time after requesting it.

what do i really want? i really want a travel companion. male. female. i just want someone to regularly travel with. someone i get along with. someone who gets along with me. i would love to travel the world with someone who likes some of the same food, music, random sights, and history like i do.

i've been slowly reading...savouring book two of the second series cupcake turned me onto. once again, a character i can relate to. doesn't fit in. doesn't really try that hard to. kind of does things his own way. clever. the first book was quite predictable. i breezed through it. the second one is falling into place nicely, but there were many unpredictable elements that i kind of liked. i read a lot of books that are sorts of mystery/thriller/crime. i hate that so many are predictable and boring. it's nice to come across books that make me ponder the things presented.

the guy at the pharmacy where i buy my over the counter but behind the counter allergy drugs is trying to set me up with another pharmacist that is working there. i've had an odd year where similar things have been going on. maybe i've just been single for long enough where people around me feel they need to step in. i guess i wouldn't mind sleeping in the same space as someone else. not like curled up with someone in the same bed, but opposite sides of the bed? maybe even just the same room or living space? it seems that i've forgotten how to sleep around others.

oh. i did spend my first st. patricks day out sans damien for the first time since we started hanging out. instead i was out with joe...who i met in line for tickets...while we were both waiting for damien. maybe it still indirectly counts?

final thought for now...i managed to get some great photos in arizona! i am highly considering moving out that ways for a few years. not arizona specifically, but maybe new mexico. just not california. i don't think cali and i would mesh well...

"some say they know it when they see it, while others follow it blind. some science appliances made it all calculated. it's just a chemical imbalance in the weaker mind. i want love..." -violent femmes



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