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26-03-15 - 06:11

i slept an entire day away yesterday. i fell asleep around 10:00 and slept until 19:00. most of my co-workers are ill. i rarely get ill, but i think it's because i listen to myself. i'm normally not that tired where i can sleep that long. i could have gone out and done things, but knew that if i felt the need for sleep like that, it must have been needed. stayed in the rest of the night as well. lounging. quite nice.

so, cupcake and i shall not be visiting vegas in april. i need to find alternate plans. maybe i will travel somewhere where i can swim...

i've been putting more thought into the bosch series online. it's good. decent actors. decent storyline. it just annoys me that they had to make the main character more likeable to the general masses. he just seemed more real in the books.

i can't wait until it's warm again. i'm just happy that i don't live somewhere where it's warm all of the time. if i lived somewhere like the warm parts of california or arizona, i would have to come back to michigan in the winters. the exact opposite of most people. i just don't think you can properly appreciate either the warm or the cold without both.

i had a moment of blissful happiness a little bit ago. just opening the front door and feeling the icy cold breeze while standing there in my skivvies and a tank top. i sometimes wonder if it's a bad thing that i'm so easily rendered happy or pleased. logic says it's a good thing, but i think others like people who are more complex.

i think i need to wear some of my kimono more often. i think i shall wear one of my spring themed ones today. i'd love to wear them more often. honestly, if i could find a guy who liked getting dressed up and going out for drinks who didn't mind if i wore a kimono, i would be a happy girl. i was just thinking that i bet no one has ever worn a kimono over by the red rocks in sedona...maybe i should sometime...

"do you want the truth or something beautiful? i am happy to deceive you..." -paloma faith



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