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02-06-16 - 04:53

i just finished watching the movie 'the holiday'. i'm not usually really into romantic type movies. i liked this one however. one of the characters in the film can't cry, sets romance up for failure, and is very detached even when in a relationship with someone. aside from the crying part (which i don't do often), this seems a lot like me. guess i just need to find someone who makes me change my mind just like she did.

now onto re-watching my favourite french zombie movie...

so, i've followed my dream. i put in an application back in january for the job that i think i have always wanted. something i would be good at. something i could do good in the world doing. i'm now just waiting for the final part of the hiring process for them do decide that they have to have me as an employee. hopefully before my birthday in october when i age out of the process. some people have wondered how i feel about hiring into a physical job with people over a decade younger than me. everyone i've come across so far in the hiring process seem to think i'm the same age as them, so that's not an issue. i also am the same person who tried to get a masters in a complex field with no background when i could have easily obtained one in another field. i like a challenge. things that come too easy just don't always seem right. we shall see how this goes...

the only thing i hate about my life right now is that i can't travel. i don't know when i might get a chance to finish with the hiring process. so, i can't really leave the country on a whim like i am used to. can't really be half way around the world and then find out i have to immediately fly back. or last minute have to cancel. i mean, i could, but i would be throwing away a lot of money. at least i still have my july trip. i hope to keep this tradition up.

at my current work...i've ended up punched in the face once this year. ended up mucking up my face just a few weeks ago. had to glue up my lip in two places where it split open. the massive scrape on the bottom and front of my chin healed, but it left a raised scar. probably not the best route, but i filed it down and it seems to be healing flat now.

ummm...i'm still single. still happy. have a lovely garden. i own a couple of fragments of various meteorites. bought myself a new shun brand asian chef's knife. cuts through steak like butter. after italy, i got hooked on italian coffee and bought myself a moka pot. i'm slowly planning nick's bachelor party. my grandfather's memory is getting much worse (lately he's been asking me about gaining weight because he still thinks i'm in my early 20's back when i was underweight and not normal weight). i'm currently the proud owner of a lovely bottle of 12 year macallan. guess that's about it...

"and i don't want a never ending life. i just want to be alive while i'm here..." -the strumbellas



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